Should you care about moss?

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Should you care about moss?

What is Moss and where does it grow?
With over 350,000 species Moss is a small plant held in place by Rhizoids (small root like structures), they absorb water through their leaves.Moss can grow almost anywhere although usually it grows in damp places with a high level of moisture in the air.

What makes Moss interesting?
One reason that Moss is interesting is that it does not have roots it has rhizoids Similar to the byssus threads that mussels have And actually soak in water through their leaves, they also help Keep the soil around them moist which helps other plants Around them.

Moss and the environment.
Moss is actually one of the most efficient carbon cleaners so efficient in fact a small amount of moss can produce more oxygen than a tree,But they're not just limited to carbon they also absorb Nitrogen a gas which is much worse for the environment.

Moss vs Grass.
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Moss is often a lot more versatile and ¨tough¨ then grass. It is also more adapted to poor soil quality. Grass tends to need good soil and lots of sunlight and water. Moss also doesn't conceal things underneath it quite as well as grass just in case there is a sharp twig you could step on although that's more of a luxury.

How does moss change the environment it’s in?
If moss is near a stream it will slow the erosion of the area it covers. Moss also helps filter out pollutants from the Water and Air. In large quantities moss can also help lessen the amount of runoff there is once the ground has soaked up all the water it can. 

Is moss important?
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Even though some other plants can perform the same things it can.I would say that Moss is important just because of how good it is at what it does for the environment close around it and in general such as regulating humidity and retaining moisture around it.

Do animals or bugs eat moss?
Moss is eaten by some animals such as lemmings reindeer bison and some birds like geese and grouse. Lemmings actually rely quite heavily on Moss as it didn't come this has up to 40% of their diet.

Is Moss useful in a survival situation?
In a survival situation moss' main use is as a Firestarter. some types of moss are edible but it is not recommended as only some types of moss are not edible and even the ones that are are almost useless as a food source due to having very low calories.One more use for Moss is as a Bandage, People in World War 1 used to use Moss as a covering for their wounds, If you get a cut and you don't have anything else, use Moss. 

What types of Moss are there?
There are over 350,000 species of Moss, So there is quite the variety. Some Moss grows along water while some grow in water, Some Moss grows in temperatures exceeding 30°C while some grow in -5°C.

Can Moss be dangerous?
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Moss although sometimes similar in appearance to mold does not actually have the capabilities to harm humans unless ingested with no harmful spores, sharp thorns or skin irritant.Moss is actually quite a good choice  for a house plant.