Predator and Prey

by Lindsay Epp

Ecosystems have a natural food chain that maintains balance in nature. Within each food chain there are predators and there are prey. What factors decide who will be the hunter and who will be hunted?

Tiny Bunny Outsmarts a Weasel
Animals that are preyed on have developed many skills to help them survive. What skills does this bunny have that help it escape from the cunning weasel? 

Now You See Me…
1In 1 playlists
Can you spot the insect in this picture? Why would animals want to blend in with their environment? 

Natural Predators: Wild Dogs
This full-length episode of Nat Geo Wild highlights the predatory skills of wild dogs. What skills do these dogs have that make them great hunters? 

Why Grow Horns?
1In 1 playlists
There are many different kinds of animals that have horns. This picture shows just a few of the horns in the museum's collections. What might an animal use horns for? 

Predator versus Prey – Trailhead Tour Guide
Students who participate in this program will explore the Natural History Gallery in search of B.C.'s natural predators and prey. Students will be encouraged to ask questions and look closely at the different animals to determine the qualities that help these animals survive, including a hands-on look at animal skulls from our collections. 

The Woolly Mammoth
1In 1 playlists
Woolly mammoths: predators or prey? Think about their main features: their fur, their size, their tusks. The answer might surprise you!