What ways can British Columbia's native plants be used for?

Other than the fact that some of these native plants of British Columbia are edible, most of them have many other purposes that people have used for thousands of years, including natural dyes, medicines, and some other every day uses.  

Edible Plants

There is an estimated 400,000 plants on planet Earth, and out of those more than 80,000  are edible. There are plants ready to eat all around us in nature, although many people don't know about them. They may include the berries, leaves, stems, seeds, or even the roots of certain plants.

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Traditional First Nations Wood uses

Wooden canoes were very traditional for the First Nations communities and an important part of their lifestyles. It was so important because it made traveling over water faster and easier. The canoes were usually made out of White Pine tree, Birchbark, Spruce or White Cedar. Another use for wood was for large bonfires where traditional gatherings would take place.

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