Ocean Pollution

by OB 2020-13

In this playlist, we will be speaking about why pollution in the ocean is a problem and what you can do to help solve it. We will be talking about what it is, where it goes, how you can help and more.

Ocean Pollution
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There are many different types of pollution in the ocean. Some of the main problems are plastics, oil spills, nurdles, and noise pollution. all of these things hurt the ocean in one way or another.

Chemical Waste in the Ocean
Lots of different chemicals find their way into the ocean. One of the main chemicals that gets into the ocean is plant fertilizers. They can get into the ocean by finding their way into a storm drain. All these chemicals can create algae blooms which are harmful to animals.

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Nurdles are microplastics that make up almost all plastic products. They can range in size anywhere between a couple of millimeters to microscopic sizes. They come in many different shapes and sizes. Nurdles come from factories and are easily lost at sea when being shipped.

How does plastic affect marine animals?
Marine animals are affected by plastic so much in different ways. Plastic has toxins on it which can affect reproduction if ingested. After ingested, animals can suffer for a few months before dying. The photo above is a picture of Peanut the turtle. Peanut was found with a plastic ring around his shell, deforming him. Over 1 million animals die in the ocean from plastic.

Where Does it Go?
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Either plastic litter goes to gyres in the middle of the ocean, for example, The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, or it can wash up on the beach. The picture above is The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a huge collection of garbage in the ocean. It is estimated to cover about 1.6 million square kilometers of ocean. It moves all over the pacific ocean. A Lot of animals mistake plastic for food and get plastic stuck in their stomach. The garbage also makes it so sun can't reach plankton, hurting many food webs.

Where Does Ocean Pollution Come From?
Ocean pollution comes from a lot of different things. One example is people not caring and littering. That plastic would be blown to the ocean. Research shows that China, Indonesia, and the Philippines pollute the ocean the most.

Why Should You Care
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Ocean plastic harms our planet in many different ways. Lots of sea creatures mistake it for food and they get stuck in the animal's stomach, causing the animals to think they are full when really they need to eat. Nurdles also collect toxins on them and can pass those toxins onto animals.

How Can You Help?
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It is really easy to help. Doing beach cleanups for example, picking up plastic and nurdles, or even picking up plastic on the sidewalk or public areas is very helpful. Here is a video on picking up nurdles.