Nature through the Lens

by Adriana Ayers

Photography is a multifaceted form of expression. It is not only an illustration of the artistic self, photography is important in many segments of science. Photos can document an astronaut’s visit to the moon, unique weather patterns, a colourful fish, or your family vacation. How can you use photography to learn more about the world around you?

How do Digital Cameras work?
Today we benefit from the simplicity and ease of digital photography. Point and shoot cameras are in almost every pocket and purse, but how do they actually work? This video takes apart the camera and let's us peak inside. Think about all the different technological advancements that had to come about in order for us to take the perfect shot. 

“Mud-Ring” Technique
Wildlife photography is not just about taking the perfect shot, it can also be used to help scientists and researchers learn more about animals and how they interact with their environment. What can we learn about Bottlenose Dolphins from looking at this photo? What do you think is happening in this photo? 

Turn your room into a Camera Obscura!
Before the camera as we know it today, there was the the Camera Obscura, meaning dark room in Latin. These Camera's can be as big as your house or as small as a match box. All a Camera Obscura needs to work is complete darkness and a small hole. Watch this video tutorial to see how you could turn your bedroom into the earliest camera!  

First Wildlife Photograph Ever!
The magazine National Geographic is known for its stunning images of the world around us. But did you know the first wildlife photographs were not featured until the July 1906 issue? The single-article issue titled "Hunting Wild Game With Flashlight and Camera" featured 74 wildlife photographs taken by George Shiras III. 

Nature Photography Trailhead Tour
Students who participate in this program will have access to dive deep into the Museum's temporary exhibit gallery Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Students will be encouraged to ask questions and think critically about what makes a great photograph and learn how to compose a great shot of their own. 

Fun with Photography
1In 1 playlists
Forced Perspective is a fun photo trick with or without nature! It's an optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, closer, smaller or larger than it really is. We tried it out during our spring break camp last year and had a lot of fun. How do you think these two boys made their photo? Why not try out forced perspective for yourself!