Natural History of BC – Past Program

by Digital Field Trips

BC is vast, and the diversity of plants and animals that live in this part of the world is equally vast. This 30-minute tour of the natural history gallery at the Royal BC Museum will travel back in time to meet woolly mammoths and leap forward to examine how our landscapes will shift as a result of a changing climate. But mostly we’ll look at the weird and wild things living within our oceans, forests and even backyards.

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These Playlists include additional resources that accompany these Digital Field Trips. They are continuously being updated, so please check before and after your program for new resources.

Native Plants on the South Coast
Learning about native plants can connect us to the places we live. Studying First Peoples’ uses of plants can teach us which native berries are edible and which are not.
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Mammoth Proportions
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Have you met the infamous Woolly mammoth at the Royal BC Museum? He greets visitors inside the entrance to the Natural History gallery. Woolly, as he is affectionately called by visitors and museum staff, is a replica of the largest animal to ever walk on this continent. Not everyone likes him. He has been known to frighten small children.…
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