Museum After-Hours

by Chris O'Connor

As a museum educator, I get most excited by the potential of the galleries after-hours. There is something about this time frame that makes anything seem possible. And the real magic begins.

Early Shift 2014
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Early Shift was a co-created evening event for all ages, facilitated by Learning at the Royal BC Museum. In celebration of the artists in residence program, the galleries were infused with creative play with the help of University of Victoria Anthropology of Sound students and local families.

Port Moody Choo Choo
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Site and Sound was an evening event (2013), where musicians, sound artists, poets, projectionists, dancers and more inhabited the dioramas and displays of the Royal BC Museum after hours, creating a magical meandering environment for all ears. This video excerpt is from a performance by Caroline Liffman, Melanie Kuxdorf and Lee Hutzulak.

Museum Soundwalk
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This audio piece was created by Rob Anderson, and was recorded during his rounds checking on all of the audio and visual components of the galleries. Rob, and others in the exhibit arts department, make these rounds (and repairs if needed) mostly before the museum opens.

University of Victoria Teachers Institute Museum Hack
In June of 2015, pre-service teachers from the University of Victoria Teachers Institute took over the galleries exploring ideas of content gaps. They built temporary installations to addresses these gaps, and interrogate notions of power and authority within a museum setting. Their work was on display for the public the following morning.

Totem Light Paintings
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As part of Early Shift 2014, our museum photographer Shane Lighter invited visitors to draw with flashlights within the totem gallery while he took long exposure photos.

Dance Party in the Forest
This dance party in the forest diorama took place during one of our Night at the Museum Sleepover events. DJ Rowan got the party started right.

Midnight Tour
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This midnight tour (for real) took place during one of our Night at the Museum Sleepover events. The tour explored behind the scenes of the museum, including the exhibit arts studio.

Two Worlds Festival
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Two Worlds (2013) was a performance and video festival produced by MediaNEt in partnership with the Royal BC Museum. This photo was of a performance/ installation by Janet Rogers.

Comedy by the waterwheel
As part of the event Early Shift- That's Funny! we had four comedians take over the Gold Rush area of the Modern History gallery. Here is Justine Drummond doing a set.