Home and Community

by Digital Field Trips

British Colombia is home to people from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives. From farms to cities, people have adapted and developed communities to best fit their needs and wants.

Digital Field Trips are inquiry based and staff led. We can adapt Digital Field Trips for different grade ranges, home learners, or for adult, senior, community-group or post-secondary audiences.

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These Playlists include additional resources that accompany these Digital Field Trips. They are continuously being updated, so please check before and after your program for new resources.

Family (Grades K-3)
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Every family has a unique and special story. At the Royal BC Museum we have lots of stories—and histories—about British Columbia families. Come and explore! (Grades K-3)
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Families Primary Module
These learning plans were created by Open School BC to support the new primary Social Studies and English Language Arts curricula. They include First Nations content by using curatorial objects, historical photographs and picture books. You can find the Module here.