The Royal Treatment

The Royal Treatment

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This Week In History - Queen Elizabeth II

Join us as we reflect on the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, and her connection to our province, in this episode of This Week In History. Season 11 Episode 9, Dec 2022 Credit: RBCM and CHEK-TV (2022)

Royal BC Museum Curator, Lorne Hammond talks about Lieutenant-Governor Barnard

Royal BC Museum Curator of History, Lorne Hammond, reveals the back story on Sir Francis Stillman Barnard, the 10th lieutenant-governor of British Columbia, and his influential family. Credit: RBCM

Lieutenant-Governor Bell-Irving

News footage from 1978 shows Lieutenant-Governor Bell-Irving inspecting the HMCS Mackenzie and her crew and his swearing-in ceremony at Government House. Lean in, the sound quality is spotty. Credit: CHEK-TV Ltd, BCA AAAA1246

Petition for a Museum

On January 29 1886, a petition for the creation of a provincial museum was presented by the Lieutenant-Governor, Clement Cornwall. View the petition here. View Cornwall’s letter here. See the petition for a provincial museum on the Royal BC Museum's 100 Objects of Interest site. Credit: RBCM