Something Fishy

Something Fishy

Look closer. Examine images related to this subject. Click an image to enlarge and see captions. Click again to zoom in. How would you describe the picture?

Illustrations can range from simple line drawings to a complex stipple drawing showing details of anatomy. Sometimes less is better. Line drawings are easy to produce and can clearly show anatomy. Illustrations work well to show distinguishing features of different species, anatomy and the sometimes vivid colours that fish have in life (fish colours will fade or change in preserved specimens).

Examine the images in this gallery to learn about British Columbia fishes and different styles and techniques of scientific illustration. How would you draw these fish?


The first two illustrations here were originally published in a research paper on Brochoadmones.  For a link to the paper see read. More and more illustrators are using computers and it is quite easy to create eye-catching figures with digital photographs.


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