Oldest and Oddest

Oldest and Oddest

This Week In History - New Turtle Species

Learn about a new species of turtle discovered right here on Vancouver Island. Paleontology collections manager Derek Larson shares the process of discovering a new species, including giving it a name. Season 11 Episode 22, March 2023 Credit: RBCM and CHEK-TV (2023)

This Week In History - Ammonites

This week we explore a donation of ammonites, and how citizen scientists help chronicle our provinces history. Season 11 Episode 8, Dec 2022 Credit: RBCM and CHEK-TV (2022)

This Week In History - Packing Up Fossils

Join Cala Scott as she shows us how fossils are safely packed for their move to a new Collections and Research Building (CRB). Season 11 Episode 2:, Oct 2022 Credit: RBCM and CHEK-TV (2022)

This Week in History - Season 8 Episode 8: Fossil Sites in British Columbia

Fossil sites across British Columbia show the astonishing diversity of our province's past life. The Royal BC Museum palaeontological team is working hard to ensure specimens from those sites are accessible to researchers around the world. Join palaeontology collections manager, Jaclyn Richmond, to learn more! Credit: RBCM

This Week in History: Season 6, Episode 23 Dr. Charles Newcombe, fossil-hunting Victorian doctor

Dr. Charles Newcombe, a medical doctor, was also an assiduous collector of fossils—and many of these serve as the foundation for the Royal BC Museum’s natural history collection. During the late 1800s he collected fossils along BC’s coastal waters in his hand-made sailboat, custom-built for these excursions. Newcombe left the Royal BC Museum with an impressive legacy, something that inspires his great-great-great-grandson. Credit: RBCM

This Week in History Season 4 Episode 17 Triassic Fossils

If you're hunting for fossils you might search in dry river and lake beds or along beach shorelines at low tide but that’s not the only place to look. In fact, here in BC, 240 million year old marine fossils can be found on the tops of mountains. Credit: RBCM

This Week in History Season 4 Episode 11 Dazzled by Ammonites

As guardians of our provinces history, the Royal BC Museum and Archives is grateful for donations of historic value from the public. But a collection donated in 2008 has truly dazzled staff and researchers, more than 30,000 fossils, all gathered by one man, over 40 years. Credit: RBCM

This Week in History Season 4 Episode 5 National Fossil Day

Wednesday, October 14 was National Fossil Day and some of the oldest fossils in the Royal BC Museum collection are more than 550,000,000 million years old and scientist are discovering more every day. Credit: RBCM

This Week In History Season 3 Episode 6 - Fossils

There are few places as fraught with history as the Royal BC Museum and this week is a time to celebrate the most ancient of their treasures. Fossils teach us not only about times past, but about what we might expect from the future. Credit: RBCM