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Kristen’s Video

North Vancouver student Kristen Schulz 's video, The Heritage of My Home, won the Community History Video Award as part of Canada's History for Kids Young Citizens program—Learning History Through Filmmaking. The six winning students digitally recorded their communities' historic milestones. (2012)  Credit: Canada’s History for Kids

Lauren’s Video

Lauren’s Heritage Fair project is about the history of Vancouver’s first suburb, Mount Pleasant.Credit: Canada’s History for Kids

Marina’s Video

Marina’s Heritage Fair project is about how Port Essington, BC, became a ghost town.Credit: Canada’s History for Kids

Samuel’s Video

Samuel’s Heritage Fair project is about Barkerville, BC.  Credit: Canada’s History for Kids

Abrielle’s Video

Abrielle’s Heritage Fair project is about Hogan’s Alley, the first black community in Vancouver.Credit: Canada’s History for Kids

Sehrtaj’s Video

Sehrtaj’s Heritage Fair project is about the Komagata Maru story.  Credit: Canada’s History for Kids

Faith’s Video

Watch Faith’s Heritage Fair project video about residential schools and the impact they have had on her own family.Credit: Canada’s History for Kids

Emily’s Video

Emily’s Heritage Fair project is about the Gulf of Georgia Cannery.Credit: Canada’s History for Kids

Face Value vs. Inference

What stories of the Cariboo Gold Rush do photos help to tell? Watch this short tutorial on how to take a photograph from simple face value to deeper inferences about the past.Credit: Tom Morton and the Royal BC Museum