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Look closer. Examine images related to this subject. Click an image to enlarge and see captions. How would you describe the picture?

Here are just a few images from Hannah Maynard’s portfolio. After exploring these, view more of the Maynard family collection in the BC Archives. 

Multiple Exposures 

Black-and-white image of five Hannah Maynards looking in different directions.
Black-and-white image. Two Hannah Maynards are sitting having tea while a third is coming alive in a painting to pour tea on one of the others.
Black-and-white image that shows Hannah Maynard in three different positions in a fancy room (sitting down, looking over herself, and staring at the camera).
Black-and-white image of five Hannah Maynards. One flower chain is being held by two of them.
Black-and-white image of Hannah Maynard and Maynard McDonald posed in three different positions: They stare at themselves sitting down as another pair of them plays a joke by dangling something above their heads.
Black-and-white image of Hannah Maynard and her young grandson Maynard. Surrounded by portraits, two Hannahs view a bust of her grandson as another Maynard looks up at himself.

Gems of British Columbia 

Black-and-white image of a fountain surrounded by floating babies on hand painted clouds.
Black-and-white image of a collage of children portraits on a painter’s palette.
Black-and-white image of hundreds of children and babies collaged onto one image.
Black-and-white image of a potted plant covered with photos of children's faces.


Black-and-white image of two almost identical images of trees and people standing beside bicycles.
Black-and-white image of Hannah Maynard on a bicycle in a park with nine people holding their bikes in the background.
Black-and-white image of three people on bikes surrounded by trees.

Sculptures and Objects 

Black-and-white image of Hannah Maynard as a statue bust.
Black-and-white image sculpture of young girl's head and shoulders on top of a pedestal.
Black-and-white image sculpture of girl in simple dress smiling at a bird in her hand.
Black-and-white image sculpture of girl in a simple dress wiping tears from her eyes, as she looks at a dead bird in her hand.
Black-and-white photo of half a dozen lilies in a vase with Hannah Maynard's profile, wearing a big hat with a feather in it, at the base.


Black-and-white panoramic of wood buildings and muddy ground.
Black-and-white aerial image of Victoria along the harbour with dozens of houses and a large church.
Black-and-white photo of a church, surrounded by a fence and trees.
Black-and-white photo of men standing on the street and in front of a brick building.

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