Family (Grades K-3)Look

Take a look at the pictures below. Click on one to make it bigger and to learn more about it. Click again to zoom in. What story does the picture tell?

Some of these images can also be viewed on the BC Archives website. Here you may find more context for the image and any original captions and descriptions. Click on the archives website link then search for the photograph’s catalogue number. Remember to put image numbers within quotation marks, for example “B-08868”.

What Makes a Family?

Families come in all shapes and sizes.

A black and white photograph of a 1905 wedding with the bride and groom in the middle of large group of friends and family.
An oil painting of a happy mother and father holding their baby in a sunny room.
A studio portrait of Lee Mong Kow’s family in traditional clothing. In the middle sits an older woman, with three young children around her. Behind them stand a young woman and a young man.
A First Nations family. Four women and four children stand on the muddy shore, while two men sit in a wooden canoe in the harbor. A bridge and some wooden buildings are in the background.
A studio portrait of a South Asian family. Dad and mom are seated in the centre with five kids surrounding them
A Christmas holiday photograph of thirteen members of the Loy Sing Guen family in 2013, all casually dressed and smiling broadly. In the foreground is a table with a box of chocolates and other holiday treats on it.
A family photograph including several generations. Older people sit with babies on their laps.
A pale cedar carving of intertwined Haida figures, including a fisherman and his wife who are surrounded by beings and creatures.

Pets are Family Too!

Black and white photograph of artist Emily Carr in her garden with three dogs, two cats and two bird cages, one with a parrot inside.
A black and white photograph that shows a large First Nations family, formally dressed, outside in a garden with their dog.
A black and white photograph of the Burns family shows a father holding the reins of two goats hitched to a buggy with two children in it. The mother, two other children and a dog are next to them.
A black and white photograph showing a little boy standing barefoot in a field holding a black kitten.

Family Traditions

Have a look at these images to learn about some special family traditions that families in BC share from generation to generation. 

First Nations drum made of painted hide, wood, antler, cloth and string.
A Chinese parade canopy made of colourful red and gold fabric.
Image of people on a ship's deck in 1931. Front row are women sitting down. Middle row are women standing. Back row are men standing in suites. Person in front row has life preserver around her head.
Collection of Ukrainian wood carvings including a plate and vase.
Garland made from woven human hair around wire, wrapped with green thread and is decorated with pretend pearls and metal beads.
Close-up look at garland made from woven human hair around wire, wrapped with green thread and is decorated with pretend pearls and metal beads.
A black and white photograph showing Santa Claus standing on Victoria’s Inner Harbour causeway with a group of young boys dressed as clowns standing next to him.

Family Time

A black and white photograph showing a 10 year old girl standing in the snow between her mom and dad. All three are wearing skis.
A black and white photograph of four children—three girls and a boy—and their aunt sitting on the grass having a picnic.
A colour photograph of six kids sitting on logs around a campfire.
Black and white photograph of woman wearing a long black skirt standing in front of a tent.
A black and white photograph showing a First Nations family sitting in a tent smoking salmon heads on sticks over a small fire.
A black and white photograph of a First Nations man seated on the ground holding a baby. A woman sits next to him with a toddler on her lap.

Growing Up

A black and white photograph of two young boys seated on horses in the middle of a desert valley with a big mountain behind them.
An old silver friendship bracelet with charms made from a variety of coins. The charms have girls’ names engraved on them, including ‘Amy’, ‘Mabel’ and ‘Edith’.
Photograph of the inside of a house for Barbie dolls from the 1960s. It has a couch, chair, coffee table, television, bookshelves, windows and pictures on the wall, all in bright colours.
A teddy bear with light brown fur. He has button eyes, a leather nose and felt on the bottoms of his paws.
A photograph of a wooden toy train with a locomotive and a stock car.
A fabric doll with white bonnet and white dress.
A photograph of a baby carrier made of beaded cloth and leather stretched over a wooden frame. The baby cover is red fabric with appliqué decorations and a beaded strap.
Pencil drawing of a First Nations woman knitting. In front of her there is a baby in a carrier that is suspended from a rope a short distance above the ground.

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