Democracy in BCLook

This pencil sketch shows two simple log buildings surrounded by trees and three people standing outside. One person is standing at a table set up in the grass.
Three men dressed in suits pose for the camera during an election campaign, standing on the caboose of a train.
Nine men gather around a table in a doorway. Two men in World War I uniforms are sitting at either end of the table. Some handwriting at the bottom of the photograph reads “1st soldiers vote cast in B.C. Aug. 17, ’16; Captain Rose voting at Kamloops; W.N. Carty, presiding officer. Photo by Taylor.”
A large group of people standing in rows on the steps of the BC Provincial Legislature building. Most are white men in suits. One woman stands in the centre of the second row. She is wearing a large hat and a dark dress.
On the left side of a cartoon drawing, a man in a suit, top hat, and fur coat with the word “brewer” stands in front of a car and beside a barrel. The caption reads “Vote Wet for My Sake!” On the right hand side of the cartoon, a woman with a sad face and two children standing at her feet holds a baby with one hand and holds out her other hand. The caption reads “Vote Dry for Mine!”
A large crowd stands waiting on the street in front of buildings on Government Street in Victoria BC. Long lists of paper are posted on the windows of the building. The crowd is mostly men wearing hats and suits. A few men in soldier’s uniforms are visible as are a few women.
On the left side of the photograph, a group of roughly ten First Nations men play brass instruments outside a building. On the right hand side of the photograph men in suits, stand listening.