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Some of these images can also be viewed on the BC Archives website. Here you may find more context for the image and any original captions and descriptions. Click on the archives website link then search for the photograph’s catalogue number. Remember to put image numbers within quotation marks. For example, “B-08868”.

Head and shoulders portrait of John Stanley Plaskett, a dark-haired man with a bushy moustache, wearing a suit with a tie.
Four men clearing rocks with picks, shovels and wheelbarrows. Evergreen trees in the background.
Workers construct a huge wood and steel framework for the pier, a support for the Plaskett Telescope.
Pier with lower half cemented and upper half with wood forms. Workers stand on wooden boards and rocks at the bottom of the pier.
John Brashear, a bearded man in a white shirt, in a workshop. He is leaning on a large telescope mirror, nearly two metres across.
Polished mirror resting on a stand in Brashear’s optical workshop. Books, boxes and steel frame of the shop in the background.
Scale model of the Plaskett Telescope in a dome (without outer covering). Factory workers and various equipment in the background.
Workers construct sections of railway tracks. Steel and boards in piles on factory floor.
Workers assemble the steel dome on ground. It has no outer covering.
Three men wearing heavy coats in front of telescope tube. There is snow on the ground.
Seven workmen stand and six workmen sit on a ladder. Topp, also in work clothes, stands at a slight distance from the workers.
Steel framework of the dome without outer covering. A crane, the pier and a water tower are in the background.
The steel structure of the dome, without its outer covering, and the completed lower half of the observatory. A man in a suit stands in front of the building.
Two carts, ten horses and five men haul equipment along a dirt road. Farmland and rolling hills in the background.
Horses haul the steel frame of the telescope tube up Little Saanich Mountain. A workman follows the cart on a steep, narrow road.
The polar axis, positioned diagonally in the observatory. Drive gears and bearings are at the bottom of the axis.
Group photograph around the Plaskett Telescope. Adults and children stand around the base of the telescope.
Close-up view of the spectrograph and associated instruments at the bottom of the Plaskett Telescope. Wall-mounted clocks in the background.
Completed dome with shutters open. Elevated view from south of the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory showing the entire dome, front entrance and steps.
A large group of astrophysicists posing in a field. Four female and thirty male astrophysicists in 1950s suits are arranged in rows. Text on the photo reads: National Science Foundation Binary Star Conference, Dominion Astrophysical Observatory, Victoria, BC, August 16 to 18, 1956.
Angled view from south of the DAO showing the entire dome, front entrance and stone steps. Colour photo with trees and grass in the frame.
Aerial view of the DAO complex including several office buildings and the observatory, surrounded by evergreen trees.

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