Family:  Bonds and Belonging (Grades 9-12)

Family: Bonds and Belonging (Grades 9-12)

Look closer. Examine images related to this subject. Click an image to enlarge and see captions. Click again to zoom in. How would you describe the picture?

Some of these images can also be viewed on the BC Archives website. Here you may find more context for the image and any original captions and descriptions. Click on the archives website link then search for the photograph’s catalogue number. Remember to put image numbers within quotation marks (for example, “B-08868”).

Meet My Family

Families are not just born; they are made, sometimes through special connections, feelings and associations.

Family Gatherings

They’re the best of times—and the worst of times. Gatherings are meant to share memories and create new ones.

Growth and Change


For millennia, families have passed their knowledge down from generation to generation, teaching children to make, build, cook and dress. What family legacies will you carry forward?

Province and Nation

Over the centuries, families have built the rich cultural tapestry of this province.  That diversity hasn’t always been welcomed, but it has thrived.

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