Family:  Bonds and Belonging (Grades 9-12)

Family: Bonds and Belonging (Grades 9-12)

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Keeping in Touch

Suzan describes how she uses technology and social media to keep in touch with her family. Credit: RBCM

What's in a Name?

Wyatt describes how and why he chose his own name. Credit: RBCM

Life in the Wilderness

Listen to a woman‘s story about growing up in the lower Fraser Valley in the days of the settlers. It wasn’t easy caring for a family out in the wilderness! Visit Voices from the Past to hear more stories from the past.
Credit: BCA AAAB5572 / T4082, with permission of the CBC

Richard Alexander: Away from Home

Listen to two entries from Richard Alexander’s diary and imagine how this young man, still a teenager, must have felt, leaving his family behind and seeking adventure all on his own.

Richard Alexander kept a diary as he travelled to BC looking for gold in 1862. Just 18 years old, he made the overland trek from Ontario on foot, on horseback, by cart and by boat. It took seven months. He finally arrived in New Westminster hungry, penniless and with barely a shirt on his back. He abandoned his search for gold and instead found work at the Hastings Saw Mill in Vancouver. He later became manager of the mill and eventually a city councillor.

These diary entries were read and recorded in 2017 by a young Canadian man. The speech patterns and pronunciation you hear will be different from how Richard Alexander would have spoken in 1862. Click here to read a transcription.
Credit: BCA E/B/A13/1

Little Pete and the Dollar Bill and Other Stories

Listen to Pete Legace talk about his childhood. Excerpt from Little Pete and the Dollar Bill and Other Stories produced by Imbert Orchard, 1983 (10:15 – 12:35)
Credit: BCA AAAB5572