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Look closer. Examine images related to this subject. Click an image to enlarge and see captions. Click again to zoom in. How would you describe the picture?

Some of these images can also be viewed on the BC Archives online collections search, where you may find more context for the images and any original captions and descriptions. Click on the archives website link then search for the photograph’s catalogue number. Remember to put catalogue numbers in quotation marks—for example, “B-08868”.

A field of Purple Loosestrife, a tall plant with spears of flowers.
Giant Hogweed with large white blooms.
Picture of Japanese Knotweed showing flat, dark leaves and small white blossoms.
Green Spotted Knapweed with pink blooms.
Picture showing European paper wasp on a flower
Close up of a Praying Mantis attacking a dragonfly.
Image of Humboldt Squid laid flat on white background with tentacles outstretched.
A Green Crab on a rock.
A Smallmouth Bass fish,with dark stripes across the body
American Bullfrog on land with legs tucked in close to the body.
Red-Eared Slider out of the water, showing clawed leg, striped head and front edge of shell.
Common Wall Lizard on a rock with its head raised.
Back and side view of a roosting California Quail, showing the black feather plume on the head.
A house sparrow on top of a shrub.
European Starling on a rock at an ocean beach.
Top view of a raccoon standing on a forest floor, showing the face and front feet of the animal.

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