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Pictures from the Past

Look closer. Examine images related to this subject. Click an image to enlarge and see captions. How would you describe the picture?

Black and white photograph of the Cumberland Sawmill. There are logs at the forefront of the photograph. There are also three buildings in the photograph, one of which has smoke coming out of the roof. There are many trees in the background of the photograph.
Black and white photograph of seven men working at a saw mill. There are piles of cut lumber stacked behind them. Some men are cutting lumber. The men are wearing work clothes, such as overalls or slacks with suspenders and button-up shirts.
Black and white photograph of a large group of men at the Youbou Sawmill. The men are all posing for the photograph, some sitting at the front, while others are standing behind them. The photograph appears to have been taken within the sawmill as there is machinery surrounding them.
Black and white photograph of the Rock Bay Sawmill. There is a train to the right of the image and there is smoke coming from the train. To the left of the image there are several logs laid down as they are being unloaded from the train. There is a forest in the background of the image.

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