Will Salmon be able to come back to Bowker Creek?

by OBJ

We will be talking about what it will take for salmon to come back to Bowker Creek. As well as if salmon will be the right fit for Bowker Creek, and if they will be able to survive and spawn in Bowker Creek. We will also talk about what Bowker Creek has in common with salmons habitat.

How long ago did Bowker Creek have salmon?
Before urbanization Bowker creek was a home for chum and coho salmon. The fish were a source of food for people and other species in and around the creek , and greatly contributed to the ecosystem of Bowker creek.  

What did Bowker Creek look like when it had salmon?
Prior the areas around Bowker creek being urbanized it was very different. Bowker creek was more biodiverse, and was covered in plant life. It also flowed more naturally without concrete barriers along side it. There was also not any nearby roads, or any harmful activity near the creek. Overall, Bowker creek was completely natural and had was reliant on carrying and disposing water around Victoria. 

What food does salmon eat?
Salmon eat plankton, insects, and larval invertebrates when in fresh water. But when they are in the ocean, the feed on small fish. When salmon are in the ocean they still need a balance of their common diet species. 

Does the creek restoration encourage salmon to come back?
I don't think that the restoration contributes to bringing salmon back. This is because the way we are redesigning the creek does not resemble the habitat and living conditions salmon need. The creek is too fast, shallow, and dirty. It also does not have enough pools for spawning. 

Is the creek water clean enough for salmon to live in?
Salmon require much cleaner water that is present in Bowker creek. The storm drain runoff isn't just too dirty it also isn't deep enough for salmon to live in. Runoff from storm drains can contain nitrogen and phosphorus pollutants from fertilizers and yard waste. Which will drastically affect the salmon habitat. 

Would the salmon have any predators around Bowker Creek?
Some predators at Bowker creek that may affect salmon life is seagulls. Seagulls are not very common predators towards salmon, but will eat salmon eggs. Salmons skin is very tough, making it difficult for seagulls to eat them. Eagles are also a threat towards possible salmon life at Bowker Creek.    

Would salmon affect other life in and around Bowker Creek?
I do not think salmon will have a major impact on the existing animal life in Bowker Creek.  There are not any other animals that have a similar diet as salmon. Salmon may be a disturbance to the ducks. But I do not think there would be a significant difference.