Things on the Shoreline

by Access Gallery

Things on the Shoreline is a collaborative and ongoing project by Cindy Mochizuki. Working from her core practice of art-making, performance and slow storytelling, Mochizuki Рalong with Vancouver school children Рwork from an empty shoreline to conjure inky creatures and perform creaturely tales. Watch, learn and conjure for yourself.

An Index of Things
1In 1 playlists
A comprehensive index of the Things made by Vancouver Japanese Language School and Lord Strathcona Elementary School. Inspiration for the creation of a unique visual language for every creature creator. 

On Artistic Collaborations with Children
An audio recording of a talk held at Access Gallery featuring artists Hannah Jickling, Vanessa Kwan, Cindy Mochizuki and Helen Reed. Addressing the topic of Artistic Collaborations with Children the talk facilitates presentations on working with children in critical arts and hears questions from director/curator Kimberly Phillips and the audience.