Bowker Creek Restoration

This is a playlist encompassing the restoration of the Oak Bay High School section of Bowker creek. It was created for the purposes of research, but mostly so I can do well on my science project.

Excavation and shaping of the riverbed

Once the plant life was removed, excavation began to create the slope that exists, as well as the shaping of the curves in the new river. 


Bowker Creek before Restoration

Bowker Creek before any kind of restoration


Removal of Invasive Species on the Riverbed

To begin the restoration, the existing plants needed to be removed. Many invasive species of bramble and blackberry bushes were destroyed, leaving a barren riverbed. 


Oak Bay High's contribution and the Outdoor Classroom

One of the conditions of Bowker being renovated was that Oak Bay High school would need to take some responsibility in the maintenance and use of the surrounding area. This led to the creation of the outdoor classroom, which is essentially an amphitheater. Its main use is for quick meetings centered around ecological topics.  


Official Bowker Creek Video


Planning Vegetation

The planning of Bowker creek's plants was very thorough, as it needed to be a) aesthetically pleasing, b) Help filter toxins out of the water and c) discourage invasive plant growth.


The Shape of Water

The creekbed took a lot of design, research and thought. These curves benefit smaller creatures, by providing small areas for them to find shelter from the current. This supports more life in the stream. When the water rises, it flows in a predetermined way, purposefully designed for better flow and to reduce plant uprooting.