How Do Riparian Ecosystems Affect Streams

by OB15

In this playlist, I will be writing about how Riparian ecosystems affect a streams water quality, health and biodiversity. A Riparian ecosystem is interesting because it has both land and aquatic organisms. This biodiversity, creates lots of benefits for the ecosystem, and the organisms in the Riparian ecosystem. I hope you enjoy this as much as we did.

Riparian Zones Reducing the Risk or Erosion and Bank Failure
By OB15
There are many different ways a Riparian Zone affects streams. Among them, Riparian zones can reduce the risk of erosion. The root systems of trees and shrubs reinforces cohesion into the soil and by providing a protective surface matting. Also, trees use the water from the stream to increase the drainage in the soil, which reduces the risk of bank failure.

Riparian Debris
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By OB15
Other then reducing the risk of erosion and bank failure, a Riparian Zones also creates lot of habitats and helps with light penetration. The debris from fallen trees creates a small ecosystem for small creatures and slows down the speed of the river. Also, when vegetation decays into the river, it creates Tannin, which helps with light penetration.