Bowker Creek’s Salmon Run


In this playlist, you will learn about how salmon would affect the Bowker creek ecosystem and how you could restore the salmon run.

Where is Bowker Creek?
Bowker Creek is located on the south tip of Vancouver Island. The creek starts at a wetland in the University of Victoria campus, flows through parts of Victoria, and eventually lets out in Oak Bay to the ocean.

Why Did the Salmon Runs Stop?
There could be many reasons that the salmon never returned such as pollution, change in habitat, and not being able to access certain parts of the stream.

What is Bowker Creek?
Bowker Creek is an 8 km long stream in an urban environment on Vancouver Island. Over 60% is underground in culverts and 30% is covered by impermeable surfaces.

What Obstacles are in the Creek?
There are many culverts in the creek. Some of them such as the one under fireman's park are too steep for the salmon to get up so a fish ladder would need to be installed. 

Is This a Realistic Goal?
In my opinion, this is a realistic goal. even though it won't happen anytime soon, with enough money and support from the community and government this could happen.

  1. Who should be responsible for returning the salmon?
  2. Where would the money come from?
  3. How would you control pollution?
  4. How long would it take to restore the salmon?