Bowker Creek; Water Quality and Effects

by OB4

Every is ecosystem different, but all require a source of water for the food web to function properly. Water is the lifeblood of existence, and Bowker Creek\’s diverse and interesting riparian ecosystem is fed by it. What is the water quality of Bowker Creek like, and how do the characteristics of Bowker\’s water affect the life that depends on it?


pH of Bowker Creek and Implications
By OB4
According too the CRD's scale for drinking water, this rating of 7.4ppm is acceptable and healthy for a freshwater creek such as Bowker.

Research Summary
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By OB4
This summary outlines our findings from research and testing of the Bowker Creek water quality.

Fecal Coliform Counts from 2000
By OB4
A study from 2000 tested the levels of fecal coliform (such as E. Coli) in the creek and found them to be decreasing; this change was attributed to improvements made to the local sewer system.