Bowker creek

by OB35

What can we do to help our watersheds health?
By OB35
We need a healthy watershed to have healthy animals, with a healthy watershed we will obtain healthy animals so that requires good water quality. We need to make sure we have healthy keystone species that will stay for some time otherwise are ecosystem will always be changing.

Will salmon ever swim again in Bowker creek
By OB35
Colquitz creek has salmon. Craigflower creek has salmon. Millstream creek also has salmon. What's different in bowker creek then these other creeks is that they are clean enough that salmon actually have resources to live off of.

A possible future for the watershed
By OB35
A possible outcome could be a very positive one with having lots of animals come back like cutthroat trout, frogs, more birds and the creek being in a very healthy condition. Which will be a great outcome