Simple MachinesLook

Look closer. Examine images related to this subject. Click an image to enlarge and see captions. Click again to zoom in. How would you describe the picture?

Explore simple machines in the Royal BC Museum core galleries.

Simple Machines in Industry 

A variety of tools, including a hammer and hand drills with a blue print of a house in the background.
A giant wooden moving wheel and troughs in front of a painted backdrop showing dry hills.
A display case full of gold-panning tools such as rakes and a dented metal pan.
A display case full of balancing tools such as scales, weights and plates.


Simple Machines in Modern Living 

Image of a bedroom from the 1800s that is covered in pink wallpaper and includes a standing clock, a sitting table, and a wooden bed.
A 1890s kitchen with a wooden sink and iron stove. Area is full of cooking tools such as a waffle iron, kettle, and plates.
The side of an old white and green building with a big window and an elevator door across from some stairs. Under the stairs is an alley with another door at the end.
Display case with wood paneling that contains recreational fishing equipment such as poles, nets, and hooks.
A display case with wood paneling, which contains ends of two fishing poles with images and signs about
Behind a wood fence is a brown horse standing next to a piece of machinery. In the background is a wood cabin and a hilly winter scene..
Brightly colored toys from the 1980s and 1990s.

Simple Machines in Transportation

Replica of Captain Vancouver’s ship HMS Discovery. Stone steps lead up to the ship which is surrounded by barrels and supplies.
Medal walls of a replica submarine with a steering wheel, pressure dials, and periscope.
A black 1900’s vehicle sits in a garage that is gated off from the wooden cobblestones streets.

Simple Machines in Nature

Swans and small birds such as American Widgeons sit on a muddy delta leading up to the ocean.
A female mallard duck in profile with another one in the distance.
Two brown taxidermied sea lions have their mouths wide open, showing their teeth.
A horse stands in a mucky field with a chicken by its side.