Fossil Finds!
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In 2018 the Leahy-Langevin Collection of fossils from the McAbee Fossil Beds near Kamloops was donated to the Royal BC Museum. Explore images and video to learn more about these important fossil finds.
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BC’s Gold Rush
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In 1858 word of gold rang out in the Fraser Canyon, setting off a dramatic migration of people and propelling this once remote region of western North American into the modern age. What can you discover about BC's gold rush?
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Our Living Languages
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Did you know BC is a language hotspot? Over 34 distinct indigenous languages are spoken here. Explore sounds, images, words and video about First Nations languages.
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Oldest and Oddest
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Some of the oldest fossils in the Royal BC Museum collection are some of the oddest looking too. Learn about the strange forms of early life on Earth.
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