Liz Crocker

I am a Learning Program Developer at the Royal BC Museum. Learn more about me here.


Indigenous Simple Machines

This playlist goes with the Simple Machines lesson plan by Hannah Morales. Find the lesson plan in the teach section of the Can You Dig it? pathway on the Learning Portal here.

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Royal BC Museum Interventions for Change Workshop

This playlist was created to support workshop participants at the BC Museums Association Conference 2017. The session Interventions for Change explored intervention strategies scalable for museums of any size to be used in school programs or special events. Learn about an intervention with the Punjabi community at the Royal BC Museum here.       

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From Insects to Abstraction

Looking closely at insects from the Royal BC Museum entomology collection, teacher Andrew Gibbs led his students in an art activity inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe. Dive into this playlist for activity details and samples of student work. Andrew Gibbs father, Richard Gibbs worked at the museum as a taxidermist. Richard Gibbs with Woolly mammoth below.

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Bats of British Columbia

Studying bats is a great way to learn about mammals, adaptations and habitats. And you don't have to wait until night time. Check out E-Fauna BC for information about your local bats. Learn how to make a bat box for your house. Watch for bats on summer evenings, at dusk, near lakes and streams.

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