Lindsay Epp

I am a new teacher with a passion for teaching and learning. I am always working to expand my knowledge base, make new connections and help my students do the same!


Species at Risk

In British Columbia, 36% of distinct animal species are labelled "at risk". The first step to conserving our native species and ecosystems is to educate ourselves on these species and the reasons behind their endangerment. Once we know why a species has become endangered, we can begin to take the steps necessary to protect threatened populations.

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Predator and Prey

Ecosystems have a natural food chain that maintains balance in nature. Within each food chain there are predators and there are prey. What factors decide who will be the hunter and who will be hunted?

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Enemies within?: Japanese-Canadian Internment 1941-1949

From the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 until years after the war had ended, Japanese-Canadians were forced from their homes and into internment camps, most of these in British Columbia.

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Continuity and Change in B.C.'s Natural History

In the process of studying events in history, it is tempting to view them as disconnected or isolated. In reality continuity and patterns of change flow through all of history - the natural history of this province is no exception. It is important to think critically about B.C.'s past and present, so that we can create a better future!

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