Dyan Laskin Grossman

I am a recent graduate of Fleming College's Museum Management and Curatorship program (Peterborough, Ontario). I'm excited about the ways museums can use online connections to enrich our experiences.


Material Evidence (Archaeology)

Archaeologists study people in the past through material culture - the things that people left behind. One approach is to use a technological perspective. Why would someone make that? How would someone make that? By asking "What would YOU do in this situation?" we use the present as a portal into the past, connecting to the choices of past people.

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We all classify, categorize and order the world in different ways. We often organize objects by name, material, use, age and location. How do you organize various things in your life? This is a grouping of learning portal images that are yellow-orange. Does seeing these objects side by side make you ask any new questions?

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